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Don't ! Heroes : Encore!, the post jam version is out ! Please check it out :

An RPG in a paper world, in which a party of heroes is entrusted with the task of defeating the Void King, heir of all calamities.
During their journey, they will be guided by you...but only if they listen !

Gameplay :

During battles, heroes will announce what they intend to do.
You will then have a few second to react to the statement.
If you're ok with it, do nothing and let them do as they want.
But if you aren't...SMASH the « NO » button !
The hero change his mind. But he will be annoyed.
Keep an eye on the annoyance gauge of your heroes.
If it gets full, the hero will get out of control !

Allies may join you on your way... except if you tell them NO !
Good luck !

Controls :

Space - Push "No" Button

Featuring :

  • A simple gameplay based on annoyance management
  • A team of 5 unique heroes to discover
  • Cute and cartoony paper aesthetic
  • Multiple environments
  • Epic battle themes

A game made in 48h for GMTK Jam 2020 by :

Additional info :

We didn't have time to make a proper ending to the game. If you manage to kill the big Eye boss, you won the game ! (The fight will unfortunately loop endlessly in game)

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Authorsvalden, Goomboo, Reblys, Eldraev
GenreRole Playing
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, JRPG


Don't Heroes.zip 6 MB


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Why is my firewall going of when I try to open it

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Now it wont let me open it or delete it. Help

Imagine Miitopia with this combat system

I would buy it if it is a full game!!

I LOVE the concept of it! Would buy it, were it a full game! :D

id love to see this expanded upon the idea is great!


its really fun and i see the repeating boss as an endurance game my highscore so far is 31 boss kills


Aside from the looping end boss, I liked this game. I would like to see an expanded version of it

I'd love to play, but it only runs on Microsoft. It won't work on Linux :c


Y'all made something really cute here! The music is boppin', and the art is really nice. The variety in actions that the party could take felt just right for a proof of concept. Managed to beat the boss twice on the first run.

The Best Thing: Despite only being able to say "no", the flow of each combat felt really zippy! It felt like it took about as long as Paper Mario and other RPGs to resolve a combat.

Room For Improvement: We never had to say "no" enough to make our party unhappy. It was a cute risk, but generally the party was right-on frequently enough to not be relevant.

Some Design Space: Special override abilities, that increase the whole party's frustration, could be pretty cool!

You see, I had the opposite problem. The heroes would allways heal people who had max HP or attack while the enemy was metal, and end up dying. I couldnt do anything other than say no to the point where I would die pretty frequently because of it.

So it seems a bit luck based, judging by this post.

Darn! Hope you still had a good time. The art, general flow of things, and the mitigating factor of it not really being your fault will hopefully make up for it.

Very good game even if I don't see it going that far how it currantly is as only being able to get people to not do things would get boring after a while if you could have 1 controled character it could probally be extended to quite a large game


I end the game 20 times


Cool idea!


Really clever ideas in here!

With some variation and lots of different actions, speeds and things that can happen, this could be a blast to play through :)


I like the game and I especially like the character designs. I want to draw them, I hope you don't mind.


oh that would be super awesome! I’d love to see them, if you post them somewhere like Twitter ^-^


Hello! Dozen days later but I drew it. I'll leave a link to it here, feel free to check it out:



That's so cute hahaha
Thank you so much !

Pretty cool, great visuals and nice idea.

I know the scope is limited due to it being a jam game, but an option to control the volume would've been nice, the music is just a tad too loud imo.

Loved it, the polish level is crazy!